Isle of Arran Recording Studios


Meet the Owner! Stan Robertson – AKA Stan The Man

Stan has made his home in Lochranza having spent the previous 30 years based in Oxford although originally from East Kilbride. Now Arran is his home, which he loves and feels very welcome!! This is where he intends to make New Music and meet New Friends. Stan felt it was now time to realise a lifetime ambition and establish his own recording studio.

For the last 2 years he has been doing guitar track sessions via the Internet with various clients both here and in the USA.Has toured extensively as a session guitar player and vocals with many bands and set ups over the years including the USA and Europe and as far as New Zealand! His last band, based in London was the Silver Searchers made up with the drummer from Mud and Sweet along with the resident bass player from the Cavern Club Liverpool. He still joins the boys for shows in England and Europe several times a year.

Stan still performs solo and with some of his musician friends in Scotland whom back In the day played with The Bay City Rollers! Middle of the Road! The Sensational Jeepers Creepers! In duos etc etc at various events in The UK and Europe.

The Studio facilities are now ready and feature state of the Art Digital Recording equipment (up to 64 Tracks) Presonus Studio One DAW and Presonus Studio One Mixing consul; Neumann / Shure / AKG / Lewitt / MXL mics.

The Facilities are:

The Shed

Fully soundproofed Drum/Amp Room with fully Mic’d Sonor Acoustic kit. Vox AC 30 (x2) Fender 4×10 Blues Deville and Fender Deluxe Amps.

The Control Room

Marshall amp + 4×12 xCab
Fender Pro Junior Amp
Orange Amp and Cab
Vox Mini Beetle Amp
Hiwatt Bass Amp
Peavey Bass Amp
Roland Keys Amp with Roland
Keyboard and Roland sound Module.
Electronic Drum Kit (Carlsbro)
Guitar effects pedals Galore!!
Roland Guitar Synth pedal

The Parlour

Yamaha Digital Grand Piano DGX 70
Pedal Steel Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin/
Stan’s Guitar Collection (part one)
Scheckter/Godin /Burns

The Home of Isle of Arran Recording Studios.